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Unlocking the Flavors of Malbec

2201099990_42e528a85e_bMalbec is a purple grape originating from the Bordeaux region used for making red wine. While the wine is also produced in Chile, South Africa, USA, and Australia, it is the Argentinian varieties that have risen to great success in recent years. Malbec is typically dry with a higher alcohol content. The wine is known for having a fuller body with a shock of acidity and high tannins.


The taste includes notes of:
– Black Cherry
– Blackberry
– Plum
– Raspberry
– Black Currant
– Cranberry

Malbec has a characteristically large quantity of the more bizzare instilled flavors such as smoke, tobacco, leather, cacao, and cracked pepper. The wine is popularly enjoyed with ethnic foods, particularly spicier Mexican dishes.

Malbec_grapesMalbec often pairs well with:
– Beef
– Lamb
– Chili
– Mushrooms
– Sauces

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LA POSTA Malbec 2014 (Argentina)
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